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LightspeedCash features several sites for you to promote! All of our sites are designed to catch the surfers attention, convert niche traffic, and retain paying members like no other sites on the net!

Angel Woods

LightspeedCash is proud to announce the newest addition to our collection of Lightspeed Girls -! This gorgeous blonde 19-year old is 100% EXCLUSIVE to LightspeedCash, and never seen before!!
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Lightspeed TV

LightspeedCash is very proud to introduce its very first EXCLUSIVE VIDEO site... LightspeedTV! Featuring extended and re-edited versions of all the most popular videos from all your favorite Lightspeed Girls, LightspeedTV is made to convert teen and lesbian movie traffic! Hosted movie galleries are available now, so be the first to put LightspeedTV in front of your surfers!
Gigi Lightspeed

Another hottie from the Lightspeed Teen All-Star Series - Gigi Lightspeed! Gigi is a bright, happy and horny brunette teen, standing at 5'7'' with a gorgeous set of A-cup boobs! Not only is she hot, shes BISEXUAL...and has loved getting to know her new Lightspeed Girlfriends! Enjoy 100% EXCLUSIVE photos and videos - Updated Weekly!
Courtney Lightspeed

Angelic blonde beauty, Courtney Lightspeed, is another babe from the Lightspeed Teen All-Star Series! Our very own Miss Lightspeed February 2006 is a stunning, sunny-haired hottie, 5'5'', with an incredible set of B-cup boobs! Enjoy 100% EXCLUSIVE photos and videos - Updated Weekly!
Terry Lightspeed

Gorgeous brunette heart-stopper, Terry Lightspeed is a sure fit for our Lightspeed Teen All-Star series! This fantastic heart-stopper isn't only sweet, but an incredible raven-haired beauty, 5'7'', has a fantastic smile, amazing chocolate-brown eyes, and a set of the perkiest B-cup boobies!
Faith Lightspeed

Flirty, teen sweetheart, Faith Lightspeed - another adorable hottie from the Lightspeed Teen All-Star Series! Faith is a super sweet, spunky, 5'6'', auburn-haired, with a mouth-watering set of B-cup boobies and a heart-stopping smile! Enjoy 100% EXCLUSIVE photos and videos featuring this sexy sweetheart - Updated Weekly!
Heather Lightspeed

Hottie Heather Lightspeed is a sexy inclusion to the Lightspeed Teen All-Star Series! This adorable, 5'4'', blonde heart-stopper is sure to please! Enjoy 100% EXCLUSIVE photos and videos featuring this sexy sweetheart - Updated Weekly!
Ashley Lightspeed

Introducing Ashley Lightspeed - one of our hot teens from the Lightspeed Teen All-Star Series! Adorable Ashley is a whopping 5 foot tall, 97lb spinner! Enjoy ORIGINAL photos and videos featuring this sexy sweetheart - Updated Weekly!
Dana Lightspeed

Lightspeed is proud to introduce another hot babe to our Teen All-Star Series, Dana Lightspeed! Dana is a naughty, 19-year old brunette babe! This blue-eyed, perky-boobed vixen loves being naked...especially when the action gets hot with her girlfriends!
Mandy Lightspeed

Introducing Mandy Lightspeed! Mandy is a stunning, 19-year old blonde sweetie with the perkiest little boobs and a heart-shaped ass! Another hot addition to the Lightspeed Teen All-Star Series, Mandy invites you to enjoy her 100% ORIGINAL photos and videos featuring Mandy alone and with her newest Lightspeed Girlfriends - Updated Weekly!
Erica Lightspeed

Lightspeed Teen All-Star Series hottie, Erica Lightspeed! This sexy 19-year old has with legs that go on forever, an amazing ass...and, she's totally bisexual!! EXCLUSIVE Content Inside!
Britney Lightspeed

The best of the Internet have found their way to Lightspeed with our Teen All-Star Series! Discovered by Steve Lightspeed, himself, Britney is an adorable, 5'1", 19-year old brunette babe with a huge sexual appetite packed inside that petite bod! You'll enjoy her hot solo pics, and the wild 3-girl, 4-girl, and 5-girl parties she loves to have with her fave girlfriends!!
Lacey White

Welcome Lacey White - our newest addition! She's an 18 year old college freshman - and definitely one of the wildest Lightspeed girls ever! A natural beauty, with a great smile, killer body, and legs that'll make you melt! Best of all...our Lacey loves getting naughty with her new Lightspeed girlfriends! Surfers won't be able to get enough of Lacey's pink panty fetish or her lesbian lovefests! Grab your linking codes today!
Lightspeeds Hotshots

Lightspeeds Hotshots is the newest and easiest ways for fans to check out the 2 latest updates, and 2 most popular sets as voted on by our members! Fans don't have to skip around from site to site to catch their favorite Lightspeed girls updates. Now they can view them all in one place! And with Lightspeed's new ranking system, the 2 most popular sets from each site are updated inside Lightspeeds Hotshots automatically!
Stacy Bride

Stacy's got that sweetheart look that melts the hearts of her fans. She's 18 and ready to leave her shy and innocent rep behind. "I'm all grown up and I want everyone to see what I've got!" Lightspeed's proud to present this 18 year old beauty! Link codes, promo items, and hosted galleries can be found inside Lightspeedcash!
Brandy Didder

Brandy is barely 18 and a real go getter. She's got a beautiful face and a tight, gorgeous body to match. In test runs, her site has converted extremely well and is expected to retain the same. Her first sexual experience was with another girl, so she has no problem getting frisky with the other models. This little sex kitten gets both guys and the other girls going!
Ronni Tuscadero

Both fans and webmasters have been asking for Ronni (aka Veronica) to have a site, and now they've got it! features a longtime Lightspeed sweetheart. She's a hot teen latina with huge adoring brown eyes. Lightspeed fans have been begging for this site! A sure fire seller!
Lightspeed World (
First we brought you Lightspeed18. Then we brought you LightspeedGirls. Now we bring you LIGHTSPEED WORLD! Surfers are given the choice of picking 10 Lightspeed sites to have full access to for one month. Every month they stay they may shuffle the sites around and try whatever 10 sites they choose. With 25+ sites to choose from your members will stay longer and make you MORE money!
Little Trouble Maker! (
Lightspeedcash continues its quest to bring the hottest teen amateurs to the web with! Joey has that angel-by-day, devil-by-night attitude that's going to send her right to the top of the heap! Your surfers can't get enough of the girls-next-door from Lightspeedcash, so treat them to!
Upskirt Sniper! (
Upskirt Sniper targets Voyeur, Upskirt, and Panty traffic like no other! Steve Lightspeed likes to peek and this site showcases the best video and pics he has shot over the past few years. Your surfers will love this site when they find out that the content is all top-notch! Start sending traffic today!
Tori Stone! (
Tawnee’s little sister finally has her own site! Fans have been waiting for this day. Tori Stone is a great site to promote to all those Tawnee lovers. They’ve seen some pics and videos. Tori’s site is full of never before seen exclusive content of the 18 year old. Tori’s ready to compete with her sister!
Rachel 18 (
A favorite among webmasters and surfers, Rachel finally has her own site! This sexy sweetheart catches the eye of anyone who glances her way. She was one of LS-University's first cheerleaders and her site is filled with cheer pics, naughty pics, and videos. Members have been waiting for her site!
Lightspeed Girls ( is another bundled site with ALL of our most poular sites in one great membership! Members get full access to,,,,,,, and, and many more. Its a sure-fire top seller!
Jordan Capri (
Introducing the 5'1" Queen of Cute: Jordan Capri! This petite 18 year old is the hottest thing we have found in a long time and we take great pride in presenting her to you. If you think the sales with our previous girls were great, wait till you see what happens when you send traffic to Jordan's site! Jordan will have your sales sizzling so much you will burn your fingers when you get your check!
Lightspeed 18 (
OUR TOP SELLING SITE! Tawnee Stone and 17 more Lightspeed sites combined into one great megasite that practically sells itself. Once surfers realize that they can get access to 18 sites with just one membership they can't resist pulling out their credit card and joining! Start advertising this site today and make more money than ever before.
Church Upskirts ( "Church Upskirts" follows the adventures of naughty "Pastor Steve" and his ever-ready hidden upskirt camera that he manages to stick under every skirt in church! It is SO BAD people will click the slink just to see if it's real! This one is great for toplists and tgps; It just screams "CLICK ME". Don't worry, Church Upskirts is covered by 2257's and model release forms (we haven't completely lost our minds...)
Cum Filled Panties (  Dirty pictures of dirty panties! These girls actually get off from wearing guys gooey cum in their undies! Check out this unique panty fetish site, a great addition to the program allowing you to build your income with
Dirty Aly ( - We shot this petite hottie the day she turned 18 and she was so popular on Lightspeed University that we just HAD to give her a site of her own! Your traffic will make you big $ when sent to this petite teen amateur!
Evita's Playhouse ( - Evita is a sure hit with the surfers today! This cute girl from Florida has seen the world and knows how to tease and fullfill fantasies Evita is a Lightspeed Girl that will convert for you!
Lightspeed Sorority ( "Lightspeed Sorority" is every man's lesbian sorority fantasy come true! With 100% original and exclusive teen and lesbian content, this site is wildly successful with our partners. The new models at Lightspeed Sorority have to pass the "Sorority Initiation Rituals", which include acting out crazy sex dares and being the center of a four-girl "Sorority initiation" orgy! This site is proven to be popular with teen, amateur, and lesbian traffic... Sexy and fun, you won't find a site like this in any other affiliate program anywhere!
Lightspeed University Cheerleaders  ( - Our flagship site, "Lightspeed University Cheerleaders" sets the standard for cheerleader fetish sites on the web. This site converts teen, voyeur, panty, and cheerleader traffic like crazy, with over 15000 original cheerleader and teen panty pics and videos! The site's conversion ratio is excellent, and because we use a "club" format, our members stay longer! We let them make suggestions for upcoming photo shoots, so they feel they are part of the action, actually filming every hot cheerleader and coed right along side Lightspeed! 95% of our content is original and exclusive, so our members don't get upset over seeing the same old tired pictures that everyone else has!
Lightspeed State  ( - We took the best content and feeds from all of our sites and put them together in a site that will keep members busy (and happy!) for a very long time! Members will enjoy live videos, teens, cheerleaders, panties, lesbians, and more! Content is regularly updated to keep retention high and more $ in your check!
Sweet Devon (
"Sweet Devon" - This brunette will set your sales ablaze! This college cutie is quickly becoming a favorite with surfers and you can cash in on her popularity now!
Tawnee Stone ( This girl is Hot and she is popular with the masses. Everyone on the internet it seems wants a peek at Tawnee. She is an overnight internet sensation. And you can offer to your surfers the only site that has all available Tawnee Stone images and movies. Amateur Teen traffic will do extremely well with this site, building your income with
Taylor Little  ( - Taylor brings the girl next door feel to the surfer. To keep members retaining, Taylor answers fan mail keeps a daily jurnal and interacts with her webmasters. She is sure to be one of your favorite sites to promote.


XXX Raimi  ( - Sweet young Raimi's very own Amateur site. Watch as Raimi discovers her sexual appetite on camera. This site is hot when you send your teen amateur traffic. Not only does Raimi's site convert she retains members with her journal and live chat.
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