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When, how often, and how much do I get paid?
  You will receive bi-weekly check from Lightspeed media if your sales exceed
$100 (This is default setting you can adjust your minimum payout). You earn
60% of each trial signup, full signup, and membership renewal. If you have a
pay per signup account, you are paid $35 for each signup made. The payout
period runs from the 1-15 and 16-31 and checks are mailed 10 days later.
Can I make money by referring other webmasters to Lightspeedcash?
  Yes - Using our webmaster referral program, if you get other webmasters to sign up with Lightspeed Cash, you'll receive ten percent of what they make!
How do I know I'm not being shaved or ripped off?
  We have been paying ontime and have never missed payments. We strive to maintain great relationships with your affiliates. Payments are always sent ontime.
Can I use any method to get traffic to your sites?
  Tgps, picposts, search engine listings, free sites, avs sites, exit console links, opt-in mailings, link lists, and text/banner ads on other paysites are all acceptable ways to generate traffic to our sites. Personal recommendations work well!

However, we do NOT allow links from password trading/hacking/warez sites, or any site that promotes or depicts beastiality, rape, torture, underage models or content, or any other illegal or unethical content. Please contact us before registering any variations of our domains. Spamming (email or newsgroups) is not allowed in any form. If you are caught using these techniques to promote our sites, you will be dropped from our partner program without warning, and any monies earned will be forfeited.
Do you provide banners and free content for me to use? How and when can I get more?
  Check the banners/content section for all our high quality banners and free content from each of our sites. We add new free content here often, and you can always email us if you have special needs. When you have 10 or more signups to any site, we'll be happy to supply you with another gallery. We will work with our partners to make you as successful as you can be! Please DO NOT use content "borrowed" from any source, even if you believe it to be public domain. If you wish to purchase content to use to promote our sites, we'll make recommendations privately via email.

When using our supplied content, be sure that all pictures are CLEARLY labled with our urls (ie, and that you are sending the traffic to the site at which the pictures can be found. This greatly helps to keep down customer dissatisfaction and chargebacks.
Do I get paid for exit console sales and membership-area upsells to the other Lightspeed sites?
  Absolutely! When a surfer finds us through your link or banner, you will be credited with any purchase to any of our listed sites for three full days after first contact. Many of our partner webmasters earn a large portion of their sales through this feature!
Do I get paid for the email addresses that you harvest from your exit console?
  Not directly, but since we mail every few days, you will be credited if our email entices a surfer to signup on Friday night, even when you referred him to us on Wednesday! Its just one more way we help you make money. You'll love having your surfers as part of our opt-in email program!
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